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We will not be taking on anymore service and repairs due to construction.

We are building a new house and will not have access to the shop for customers.

This notice will be removed when we reopen.

If you want your rough riding zero turn to become a comfortable Air Ride mower, then the ZTR Puffer might just be what you are looking for. Our unit is easy to install, fits most zero turn makes and models and works with your OEM seat. What sets us apart from the others is the reliability and price. There is no other unit that gives the comfort you need to get the job done quickly with the same affordability.



  • Personalized air ride adjustment
  • Operates on a 12v electrical system
  • One-hand adjustment, push for firmer suspension, pull for softer
  • Supports operators up to 300 lbs.
  • 11ga. steel construction
  • Fits most Make and Model Zero Turns

We carry the full line of Royal Purple prouducts. For auto, trucks, atv, utv, 2-cycle, ETC.

Phazer 3000 Fuel Treatment.


Phaser 3000 is recommended for use in gasoline and diesel* of all grades particularly ethanol blended gasoline to prevent the corrosive effects of engine acids created during combustion – including internal combustion engines that are located in salt water and fresh water environments. It also is recommended to absorb moisture, prevent icing and stalling, remove carbon, gum, sludge and varnish deposits, improve combustion, clean injectors and carburetors, free sluggish valves, improve performance and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Performance Characteristics:
  • Absorbs H2O
  • Prevents & Reverses Phase Separation
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Fights Ethanol Problems
  • Optimize Marine Engine Performance
  • Provides Seasonal Storage Stability
  • Improves Combustion/Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Fuel Waste & Emissions
  • Prevents Harmful Engine Acid

We have done tests with Phazer and all the other fuel additives and None even come close to what this product dose.

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Services include:

  • Lawn Mower Repair
  • Chainsaw Repair
  • Chainsaw Sharpening
  • Made to fit saw chain (Oregon Brand Chain)
  • Mower Blade Sharpening & Balance
  • Warranty Service most brands

For over 30 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero-turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential and estate homeowners. We are one of the pioneers in the zero-turn mower industry. Whether you're mowing a small yard, manicuring a 3-acre estate, or you're a professional in the lawn care business, Country Clipper has a zero-turn mower that will meet virutally any need. Compare us to the competition. We're confident that when you do, you'll choose Country Clipper. Feature for feature, nothing else comes close.

As a full service dealer we offer service on all brand listed below and many more.

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